Have you seen our Fact Sheets

Phoenix Rises is creating a series of Fact Sheets that cover problems that we frequently encounter with our clients. Take a read for yourself! You can download the full document from the links on the left side of this page.

Introducing our Healthy Mind & Wellness Blog

At Phoenix Rises we view mental health as part of the bigger picture of ‘wellness’: embracing lifestyle, relationships, soul enrichment and personal empowerment. Wellness isn’t an automatic state for most of us. We need to work at it! Our regular posts will focus on something that is top of mind Learn More »

Launching our new website, Twitter & Facebook pages!

Welcome to our new website. We hope you like it! Our therapists are excited to share their knowledge and experience, to help people understand more about the mental health issues facing them and those they care about. If you’ve found the website helpful, then Follow Us on Twitter and Like Learn More »

Your brain needs nourishment!

We think about the food we eat and its effect on our bodies and weight, but how often do we think about whether we are eating the foods required to keep our brains healthy? The human brain uses a significant share of our daily calorie intake and there is a Learn More »