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Turning 65, retirement and moving through the various phases of senior citizenship may not always go smoothly – Phoenix Rises understands and is on hand to help.

In the South Okanagan 25% of the population is aged over 65 and while, for Calgary the figure is 10%, that represents 130,000 people (source: City of Penticton & City of Calgary websites). During their working lives people often dream of retirement, enjoying the “golden years”, but then find them not working out as planned. We have found this age group is in need of someone to talk to about their hopes, fears, reconciling issues from the past and learning to make this phase of life truly enjoyable and rewarding.

Our counsellors Diane Monteith, Sandra Forsyth and Lyn McDonald all have extensive experience with Seniors. Over three decades of professional experience they have developed the ability to journey alongside their clients with care and compassion.  It may be a transition that is troubling you or someone you care about: such as from a full-time job to self-employment in the last stages of a career, relocation to a new community where you know very few people, or full retirement that comes as a shock.  Often our clients in the Okanagan are dealing with both relocation and retirement – we can help to create fulfillment in life.  Another area of expertise is Grief Counselling to help seniors with the loss of a loved one. In addition, we are experienced in helping this age restore meaning to their lives, adjust to changes in health or resolve end of life issues which they wish to resolve to attain peace of mind.

We care about seniors and will support them to Resolve the issues, Release what is troubling them and Reignite a passion for living.

Here is Just a Selection of Our Services . . 


After decades of work where lives fit into a prescribed pattern and people derive purpose, recognition and self-esteem from their career, upon retirement there are very few ‘givens’. It is not unusual for people to experience a loss of meaning in their lives and there is need to make complex choices about how to adapt to greater leisure time, probably a lower income and even a move to a new city.



  • What do we do?

If you or someone you are close to feels unfulfilled by retirement, is becoming more introverted socially, and is generally not thriving at this point in life, a trained counsellor can help. By understanding and accepting the transition, as well as forming a personalized plan, seniors can realize the full potential of this lifestage and enjoy its many rewards.


family-515530_1280Baby Boomers are dealing with the fact they are the “sandwich generation” caring for elderly parents and growing children or grandchildren. Retirees are seeking a new purpose in life at the end of their career, and may be thinking about their legacy.  Seniors may be faced with loss of health and facing their own mortality.  There may even be a need to reconcile with one’s past: perhaps relationships that have gone awry, mistakes made, feelings of regret and a desire to be at peace with oneself or others.

  • How can we help? 

If these concerns persist and are dominating one’s thoughts then be assured Phoenix Rises has had wide experience with lifestage issues. We will help you resolve your concerns with whatever therapy best suits your individual circumstances.


The loss of a spouse, family member or close friend can be a huge shock, whatever one’s age.  Many struggle with such a loss and find it hard to come to terms with their new life.  That is when it makes sense to gain the help of a professional grief counsellor.

  • What can we do?

Phoenix Rises can help you adjust to the new “normal”. All our therapists are experienced in Grief Counselling and Trauma Therapy (EMDR).  Talking to a sympathetic third-party, especially a therapist trained to help, can make a huge difference and expedite the healing process.

Seniors can discover how to overcome their concerns and lead rich, fulfilling “golden years”!