Sometimes life leaves us feeling depressed, despairing, unhappy and unable to turn our lives and the lives of our loved ones around.  This is when therapy helps to put things into perspective. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a trained psychological counsellor is the first step along a new path.

Phoenix Rises has over 30 years experience counselling men and women, couples, children and families, seniors and business people. Our professionally trained therapists provide a supportive and caring environment where we develop counselling strategies tailored to your individual needs, based on best clinical practice and our own experience of what works. Our mission is reflected in the symbolism of our company name – Phoenix Rises. We provide tools and guidance to enable transformation of your life from the inside out: to Resolve the issues that trouble you, Release you from those negative feelings and Reignite your passion for life, living and relationships.

Our qualified clinical counsellors facilitate transformation working through established techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Marriage Counselling and a range of our own proven methods such as the Deep Soul Reconciliation Process. We are here to help if you or someone you care about is struggling with anxiety, addictions, mental illness; if the flames of passion and intimacy have faded from your relationship; if you are battling child / teenage defiance and other issues; or maybe you need support in shattering those personal obstacles that limit your business potential.

All our therapists are Trauma Certified (EMDR) and have experience in life transitions:  to overcome grief after a relationship break-up or death of a loved one; the loss of a job or health; mid-life crises; retirement or relocation issues.  We also have expertise in helping seniors deal with loss of meaning, loneliness and end of life issues.

It takes courage to seek help and we assure you of a safe and comfortable environment, whether you choose to come to our counselling practice in Calgary AB, Penticton BC or counselling online via Skype or FaceTime.  We are here to help.

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Phoenix Rises views mental health as part of the bigger picture of ‘wellness’: embracing lifestyle, relationships, soul enrichment and personal empowerment.

phoenix_counselling_calgary_penticton_skypeSessions via Skype or FaceTime

Technology allows us to counsel you in the comfort of your own home, when you travel, or from more remote locations.