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business-1042708_1920Phoenix Rises works with individuals, small business owners, professionals and larger companies to empower them to develop their full potential. Diane Monteith is our lead business coach, business consultant and workshop presenter. She has over thirty years’ experience, and her style and skill level attracts men, women, entrepreneurs, professionals and senior executives.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Diane has a unique knowledge of the relationship between outer success and inner growth. Whether male or female, the art of breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’ of one’s own limiting beliefs and self-confidence is the secret of personal success.

Here is Just a Selection of Our Services . . .


Men and women contact us for a myriad of reasons: perhaps a job loss is prompting a career re-think; you may dream of leaving your present employment to start your own business but have no idea how to begin; you may be self-employed and find the business stagnating. In all these instances and more, you will benefit from talking with a trained professional who is also a business owner.  At Phoenix Rises we know the theory and practice from our own first-hand experience in setting up and growing our business!

  • What do we do?

Get ready to shatter any personal obstacles and achieve even your toughest goal! We work with you one-to-one and tailor our methods to your exact needs. Our guidance can operate on the personal level of creating empowerment, or to boost self-confidence; alternatively it can address specifics such as strengthening communication, collaboration and team-building skills; or to increase assertiveness, problem-solving and negotiation. Often we can astonish ourselves by what we can be achieved once we silence “self criticism” and develop an unshakable self-confidence.


What are the secrets to running a successful small business or private practice? The answers might surprise you! Even natural entrepreneurs sometimes find themselves on a plateau or realize they have hit a mental block in terms of what they want to achieve. If you are the boss or working on your own, there may not be many knowledgeable individuals with whom you can talk this through.  What you lack is that “spark” of inspiration to take the next leap forward.

  • How can we help?

If you want your business to grow from Good to WOW we would work with you individually or suggest you join our workshop to introduce The Success Wheel of Energy. This concept has been developed by Diane Monteith to address not only the practical obstacles facing small businesses, but also the more invisible issues business people must face to reduce limitations and increase success.  Diane uses high impact experiential techniques along with personal anecdotes, action and humour to make this a memorable, life-changing experience. Whether your business is retail, consulting, private practice or service-oriented, these principles of success are the difference that makes the difference.


Consulting and counselling techniques can be focused to create a new perspectives among management and increase employee satisfaction. Companies benefit through an increase in Cost Effectiveness by enhancing workplace performance and staff retention, while at the same time reducing absenteeism, turnover, grievances and disciplinary actions. Phoenix Rises can also address employee issues, for example, by raising awareness of how health and ‘wellness’ affects performance, and by providing tools to effectively cope with stress or even addictions.

Diane has tapped into the secrets inherent in creating a successful business, not just in a practical knowledge of ‘the how to’s,’ but also the energetic and spiritual principles of success.

Regardless of the size or nature of your business or organization, your job function or title, we would like to discuss consulting possibilities with you. To contact Diane you can use the Contact Form or call her on either the Calgary or Penticton number.


Phoenix Rises has extensive experience running workshops to help individuals break the glass ceiling of their own limitations and Diane is both a dynamic speaker and workshop presenter. Whether you are interested in raising your own personal bar for success, or are considering using Workshops as a team-building or employee development tool, please register your interest by contacting us by email or telephone to find out more about our upcoming workshops.

Seminar and Workshop Topics include:

  • The Success Wheel of Energy
  • Developing Competence in Life and at Work
  • Cope Effectively with Stress
  • How Health Affects Performance
  • Wellness for the Workplace