Give yourself permission to nurture your mental well-being

Linden_SkahaTake a moment for yourself to reflect on how you are feeling every day. What do you notice – a sense of calm and balance? Or are you feeling down, anxious, with unhelpful thoughts racing through your mind? Are you getting a good night’s sleep or do you wake exhausted? Anxiety appears to have become part of modern life and can easily overtake us. The key is to recognize that this is happening, to understand what triggers it in you, and what works for you to manage it.

Did you know that our thoughts and emotions also impact our health? Studies have shown that people with an optimistic outlook have lower blood pressure, more energy and a stronger immune system. A healthy mind really does go hand in hand with a healthy body. Recognize the triggers of anxiety in your life and signs in your body; give yourself permission to do something about them. Here are 3 effective ways to take action and create a good sense of well-being:

Exercise tops the list – now Spring is here and we can enjoy long hours of daylight find the time to take a walk or jog. Even 20 minutes outside in the fresh air can reinvigorate your energy levels, distract your mind from negative thoughts. Find that time everyday.

Connect with people you care about – your partner, family, friends – reach out and schedule a time to be together and talk about what matters to you. And if that time can be outdoors enjoying nature and a walk in a beautiful place, then all the better.

Be mindful – it’s good for you to slow down, make yourself aware of the present and enjoy the moment rather than thinking about the future. At your desk, over a coffee or ideally in your favourite chair, close your eyes and listen to your breathing for a few moments. Allow your breathing to become deeper and slower and it will calm and re-energize you.