Workshop For Parents, Grandparents & Guardians

Understanding the Secret World of Oppositional Defiance – Resolve it with a new pathway to harmony!

A One-Day Workshop that parents, grandparents and guardians will find enlightening.  If you are battling resistance from your child at every turn, your child frequently says “I don’t care” when you deliver a consequence, if you are “tearing your hair out” with frustration and you’d like to turn your relationship with your child around – then this workshop is for you.

Kids with features of Oppositional Defiance exhibit an overwhelming amount of resistance to parental requests. Delivering consequences often has no effect in shifting their behaviour and parents need different skills to turn them around.  Your family will be transformed once we can unlock the underlying dynamics and you learn to practice the strategies that work to overcome child and family issues and create harmony at home. LEARN MORE

Presenters: Sandra Forsyth, M.S.W., R.S.W
Co-Facilitator – Lyn McDonald, B.Ed, MACP, BCACC

How you can benefit.

The Workshop is designed for parents, step-parents, grandparents, guardians battling resistance from their child at every turn. The pathway to harmony will astound you! Does your child frequently say “I don’t care”, when you deliver a consequence? Does your child blame others for his or her mistakes? Are you ready to “tear your hair out” with frustration? Have you run out of effective strategies? Would you like to turn your relationship with your child around?

Kids and Teenagers with features of Oppositional Defiance exhibit an overwhelming amount of resistance to parental requests. These kids do not relate to the idea of “win-win” so negotiation tends to be ineffective. Parents and teachers often report that delivering consequences has no impact in shifting the behaviour of such a child. In fact, it often fuels further defiance.

At This Workshop You will Discover How to Stop Fuelling Further Defiance and to Understand …

  • The Unique Thinking of the Oppositional Defiant Child
  • The Responses That Help Put You Back Into The Position of Authority
  • The Art of Handling Your Emotional Upset While Remaining in the “Driver’s Seat”
  • The Relief That Others Can Relate to Your Experience
  • The Delightful Side of Your Child That Has Been “Lost in the Rubble”
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What do Previous Participants have to say about this workshop?

“The tools really hit home and made me think that my children do have an opinion that needs to be heard – in the right way! And I need to take time to understand and learn from my children.” L. D. Victoria, B.C.

“Sandra really knows her topic! Her workshop was informative and empowering” Elizabeth Daniels, Mental Health Counsellor, Seattle

“More help than I ever thought. I’m excited to calm, manage & help my grandchild develop. Forever grateful for your work.” A.L. Calgary, AB

“Sandra puts heart into her presentation, giving inspiration, hope and clarity. The benefits are certain to get you on a new path in your relationship with your child” M. R. Australia

“I loved the impression it left on my heart. The idea of uniting our purpose and goals to work together for a win-win situation.” F.L. Calgary, AB

“It’s great meeting other parents who have to live everyday in such a whirlwind of chaos, I understand what’s beneath the surface of my child’s frustration is a real eye-opener and breathes hope where there wasn’t any.” L.L. Kamloops, B.C.


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